Our Team Is Growing – Welcome Pat Brennan

IT Radix is pleased to announce that Patrick Brennan has joined our team of technicians.  Formerly an IT Technician for Innovative Network Designs, Pat brings more than 15 years of IT support experience to the team.

Getting to Know Pat…

Favorite meal:  Lasagna

Favorite movie:  Rudy and Brian's Song

What superpower you wish you had and why:  I wish I had the power to heal people!  Can you imagine no one feeling pain anymore and no doctor bills!!!!

Personal motto:  There is an answer to every issue…your job is to find it.

3 Simple Things To Do Before Hurricane Irene Hits

"Be prepared” is the boy scout motto.  However, Hurricane Irene is upon us and perhaps you’re not as ready as you’d like. Here are 3 simple things you can do today to prepare your computer network for the upcoming storm.

Verify your Backups are Working Properly
If you’re a managed service client, IT Radix does this for you on a regular basis.

Technology and its impact on nature

As I was browsing this weekend, I stumbled across two different but related articles about bees. The first was a study that was recently published about the effect of cell phones on bees. The study finds that cell phones create noise that fatally confuses honeybees.

A personal inspiration to me

Earlier today, I attended a celebration of the life of Evelyn Ortner--an amazing woman who came to be a friend in a roundabout way because of technology. The story of how we became friends is a little silly but I'd like to share it nonetheless.  When I graduated college and first moved to New Jersey, I was very green about financial planning, more specifically budgeting for day-to-day expenses.

Need IT in a PDF format?

Portable Document Format or PDF files have become the preferred document interchange standard for all users regardless of the file type.  Late last year, Adobe launched CreatePDF, a cloud-based application that allows you to make PDF files online fast.